SNEC 2023 ended successfully, CEEG started a new journey

On May 26, the SNEC 2023 Shanghai exhibition ended successfully. As the most prestigious new energy event, this SNEC exhibition is a gathering of industries, showing the grand occasion of smart new energy. CEEG also gained a lot in this exhibition, not only in terms of products, it was unanimously recognized by industry colleagues, but also in terms of brand influence, Zhongdian Electric stood out with its wonderful performance during the exhibition, allowing the brand to shine at the exhibition Brilliant, greatly enhanced influence.

In this exhibition, CEEC has been honored continuously. During the exhibition, from the layout of the booth to the exhibition of key products, CEEG attracted customers to stop and stay. CEEG's strength is recognized.

In addition, more than a dozen media platforms, including China Energy Network and Global Photovoltaic Network, made key reports on the grand occasion of the exhibition. For a long time, CEEG has been unanimously recognized by customers and the industry by adhering to the concept of "technology drives development, quality creates brand".

CEEG is accelerating market development and increasing the establishment of operation centers and service outlets in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. During this exhibition, more new partners have been initially contacted successfully, which further proves the success of CEEC in developing the domestic market.

At this exhibition, CEEG showed the open dry-type transformer dedicated to energy storage, "CEEG-CHIEF series" energy storage integrated machine and double-sided double-glass N-type high-efficiency battery components to the exhibitors. It is worth noting that the CHIEF-AIO-3 Phase three-phase series of household energy storage all-in-one machine exhibited by CEEG this time has the characteristics of easy installation, easy operation, and smarter, which has attracted many domestic and foreign exhibitors to stop and watch.

As a leader in brand upgrading and construction, CEEG is using its own all-media platform to send out the good voice of CEEG to the world!

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