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10KW All In One Solar Energy Storage System Supplier

10KW All In One Solar Energy Storage System Supplier

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Product details:

1. Noise suppression design without a fan.
2. IP65 protection level, suitable for outdoor work.
3. Two-way independent MPPT design, suitable for new needs of different roofs.
4. Off-grid, on-grid connected dual output, the conversion time of mains failure is less than 10ms.
5. The battery terminal can be charged and discharged with full power.
6. Two-way flow of energy, both PV and mains can charge the battery.
7. The off-grid voltage THD is less than 3%, and it can be equipped with inductive loads such as air conditioners.
8. Grid-connected current THD is less than 1.5%, with no pollution to the grid.
9. The battery discharge efficiency is better than 94%, and the PV grid connection efficiency is better than 97.8%.
10. Suitable for 50,60Hz grid system, support no power output.
11. The system can be flexibly monitored through the APP, and the data can be viewed anytime and anywhere through the network server.

12. Warranty period: 10 years.

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