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All-In-One Single Phase Solar Energy Storage System

All-In-One Single Phase Solar Energy Storage System

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Product Features:

1. Noise suppression design without fan;
2. IP65 protection level, suitable for outdoor work;
3. Two-way independent MPPT design, suitable for new needs of different roofs;
4. Off-grid, grid-connected dual output, the conversion time of mains failure is less than 10ms;
5. The battery terminal can be charged and discharged with full power;
6. Two-way flow of energy, both PV and mains can charge the battery;
7. The off-grid voltage THD is less than 3%, and it can be equipped with inductive loads such as air conditioners;
8. Grid-connected current THD is less than 1.5%, no pollution to the grid;
9. The battery discharge efficiency is better than 94%, and the PV grid connection efficiency is better than 97.8%;
10. Suitable for 50,60Hz grid system, support no power output;
11. The system can be flexibly monitored through the APP, and the data can be viewed anytime and anywhere through the network server.

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