Nanjing South Railway Station

Nanjing South Railway Station, as a key control project of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, a national strategic keyconstruction project, has a positive and far-reaching impact on the development of China's transportation industry, theimprovement of the city's image and the improvement of people's production and living conditions. CLP Electric has 20 epoxydry-type transformers to guard the "gudu new station".

National Defense Aircraft Carrier

Oingdao Jiaodong aircraft carrier base is located in gugukou military port, Oingdao. t is China's first aircraft carrier militaryport. CLP CSD marine transformer psgd or PSCD offshore platform transformer witnessed the motherland advancing intodeep blue and strengthening to the sea.

China lnternational lmport Expo

China lnternational lmport Expo is the world's first large-scale national exhibition with the theme of import. lt aims to firmlysupport trade liberalization and economic globalization and take the initiative to open the market to the world. Nearly 200epoxy dry-type transformers of CLP electric are used in the venue.